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The Tea Experience

We can thank Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford for the ritual we call afternoon tea. She would get hungry between lunch and supper, so she would order a small treat in the afternoon. Even today the ritual of afternoon tea is more than just the drinking of tea and eating of treats, but the experience of having tea.

Here are the basics:

  • Full Tea is tea, savories, scones and sweets
  • Light Tea is tea, scones, and sweets
  • Cream Tea is tea, scones, jam, and cream
Tea is usually served from approximately 3 PM to 5 PM while in England the traditional time is 4 PM - ish. And you wil usually get the courses in this order:
  • Savories which are tiny sandwiches
  • Scones which are served with jam and Devonshire or Clotted Cream
  • Pastries which could be cakes, cookies, shortbread, etc.

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